The Big Bucket List of Future Programs

Compiled here is a collection of various fantasies the Headmasters team have for camp. The things we want to do, places we want to go, and ways we want to bring magic to camp. You can support the ongoing mission with contributions of any size to

The Final Exam Invitational Festival of Creators

We would like to annually invite secondary and post-secondary students from outside schools to Camp to show off their skills acquired in various “Creator” courses they have taken over the previous year. Construction, agriculture, engineering, design, all things art. Guests are encouraged to create a lasting feature of Camp applicable to their field, such as producing a large-scale mural, master-planning a new garden complete with instruction manual, or writing a program for a new way to teach a subject. Facilitating connections between Makers, Creators, and Leaders is what Camp is all about, but it shouldn’t be just Campers who make these connections. For a long weekend event, students state-wide are welcomed to Camp.

Adults Camp Weekends

21+ Only programs more focused on “reality escapes” than academic rigor. Book Club retreats, Lifeguarding certifications complete with lake beachside relaxation, jam sessions, culinary competitions, trivia tournaments, and an endless supply of food and drinks.

The American Scouting Outdoor Skills Event

Girl Guides, Girl Scouts, and Scouts BSA may have their differences, but are united in their loyalty to scouting itself. For up to a week (we aren’t sure yet,) scouts and outdoor enthusiasts are invited to participate in a massive outdoor skills event encouraging learning and advancing nature-oriented craft. From tent pitching and fire building to trail codes and navigation techniques, and even beyond to survival and defense tactics, we hope to spur a love of exploration and adventure in guests.

The Living Wall

Camp safety is utmost priority, and that means having some heavy defenses in place to keep folks both in and out. Currently in place are plans for a concrete wall perimeter, but the last thing we want is for camp to appear or feel prison-like, so we intend to make this wall as functionally appealing as it is formidable. Regularly, campers and guests will be asked to add something to the wall. Perhaps planting vines or flowers, painting murals onto the wall, constructing picnic areas along it with trails and permanent additions such as sheds. This falls in with the Invitational and Scouting programs.

Cultural Literacy Program

Donations of books, magazines, movies, shows, music, and similar media that is not already in our library will knock at least $5 off your weekly tuition, depending on the content and condition. We’d like our library to be as complete and extensive as possible.

Operation Gold Eagle

In more scouting related events, Gold Award and Eagle Rank -seeking scouts are welcome to use Camp as their ‘Sustainability’ by creating service projects facilitating education, outdoor recreation, environmental protection, STEAM fields, and more. We will happily adopt any and all projects benefiting Camp’s goals of enriching the future of Texas and the world. If you have dreams of saving the bees, building a gathering place, teaching a new way to do something you’re passionate about, or want to make your mark on the future in another awesome way, call us up.

Garage Economics

To appease the population that loves to say “This Generation doesn’t even know how to change a tire,” not only basic car care but detailed mechanics of our machine counterparts will be taught. Volunteer car enthusiasts can apply to teach their favorite car lessons. Scout badge earning possibilities.

The Spring Surprise Festival

Easter is cool, but what if we completely exploited the weird traditions of hiding eggs full of things and used it to make some Camp dreams come true? Imagine a camp-wide (100+ acre) “Egg Hunt” with prizes ranging from candy to free weeks of camp. You can only have as many prizes as you can fit in a basket, and eggs vary in size but must remain sealed through the end of the Hunt when eggs are counted. Donations of prizes from local businesses are greatly appreciated. Show some Easter spirit with a contribution to the chaotic fun!

The Safe Haven Program

This is how the dream for COH got started. LGBTQ, Foster, disabled, and otherwise marginalized youth are at the forefront of planning and considerations for the construction and maintenance of Camp. “Reverse Conversion Therapy” and secure housing and meal access are foundational goals. Collaboration with queer-friendly organizations of worship and partnership with CPS in Texas will be essential. Ongoing community and public support of funds and resources will keep this operation afloat.

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