Fraternities and Campus Life: Should we or shouldn’t we?

Residential campus life can be a lonely existence, or the most rewarding one a person could have. Going away to college is often the first time that such a dividing experience is had, as you are thrust into a very different kind of society. It can’t be denied that all campuses are their own societies with their own rules, traditions, and faux pas. One thing usually unique to post-secondary school is the existence of fraternities and sororities, as these are prohibited in most grade schools, leaving people to find their allegiances with interest clubs and teams.

The very premise of Camp Oak Hallows is much like the fictional Hogwarts in that students are “sorted” into houses, though ours are based on learning and social habits rather than the supposed value traits of house members.

Are these houses a sort of fraternity? We think not. So the question arises, should actual fraternities and sororities be allowed to exist? Is Greek Life appropriate for Camp, at least for those of a certain age (15, say)?

We have no intention of interfering with the natural positive growth and sociocultural formation of Camp beyond the institution of the four main houses. It would be wrong to artificially create “Camp Life” norms or enforce our own desires upon students and residents in what is their own home for however long they are a part of it. However, is it not fair to say that Greek Life does come with a sense of tribalism and could spur unhealthy trends of exclusion or intergroup animosity?

Give us your thoughts.

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