Hallowed Halls: The “House Cup” and Points System

Friendly inter-house competition is all part of the fun and magic of Camp, but COH puts a spin on the game.

Points are earned from:
Graded assignments (worth up to 100 points, awarded directly to Campers)
Kapers (personal and shared space “chores” or tasks, rotating responsibilities)
Volunteer hours (awarded directly to the House)
Work hours (tiered available “employment” options on-Camp)
Good behavior

There are two kinds of points: those held by a Camper (CP), and those held by their House (HP).
Points earned from graded coursework do not automatically count toward the overall House points, but a Camper may opt to put some or all of their points earned from assignments toward their House total.
Kapers and work hours are “dual credit,” where the same amount of House and Camper points are earned when points are granted. Not completing kapers, which are a mandatory part of on-Camp participation, results in losing points (both CP and HP.)
When a Camper’s term ends and they leave Camp, their personal points go with them and they leave their contributed House points behind. When Campers return, they have retained their Camper Points from the past and continue accruing CP.
Points reset every quarter (marked by Solstices and Equinoxes.) The seasonal ball will honor the House with the most points from the last quarter (Summer Solstice Ball honors Spring winners.) Any Camper who attended in the last quarter is invited to the seasonal ball.

Some Campers are cut out for more “physical” work positions such as yard and trail maintenance, while others may opt for library or lab positions. The vast amount of jobs available on-Camp ensures there is something for everyone of every ability and interest. Work hours are not mandatory for non-Work Study Campers.

This is all part of the “Camp Economy”, how Campers can participate in a “market”-type system of collaboration that honors and recognizes the diverse strengths of residents, while keeping Camp a living, buzzing machine of cooperation. This system enables Campers to “sell” items or services of their own labor* (art, dogwalking) and “buy” from their peers with their CP, which can also be spent on things like treats from the Trade & Post, or on-Camp services such as laundry.
*Selling products purchased off-Camp (candy bars, drinks…) or academically dishonest services (essay writing, other assignments) is not permitted, and results in both customer and merchant losing all points, if not facing additional consequences.

Points do have monetary value in that they can be used to pay tuition or “room and board” expenses. Points cannot be bought or sold for cash, and are earned only. Points can be in-full transferred to siblings or donated to a House at the end of a Camper’s term if they don’t expect to return (such as after graduation.)

Animated gif mockup of proposed app showing House points, CP balance, and work schedule.

Management of Points
Managed via “app” that logs every transfer between every user “account.”
Campers cannot see the balances of each other, but can see the running sum of all Houses for the current quarter.
Through this system, work hours are paid, purchases are made, and points from assignments, volunteering, and behavior are awarded.
Kapers and work hours are assigned/scheduled through this system. Missed kapers are penalized through deductions from a Camper’s balance within the same system.
Tapping “Spend” brings up a digital wallet-type function to make a purchase at a Camp-operated cashier (the Trade & Post.)
Tapping “Transfer” brings up a “Venmo”-type function to search for another user “account” and send a certain amount of Camper Points.

Camp Oak Hallows believes in fair wages that reflect “real-world” earning. Since CP can be used to pay tuition and living expenses, work hours are paid at a fair rate to make those payments.
Example Tuition (USD): $300/week
Example Tuition (CP): 10,000/week
Work Hours: 100-400 CP/Hr

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