It all started in 2016.

When Founder VL Gaffney sat down with her public school’s Section 504 coordinator to discuss “options” for on-campus accommodations that made no allowance for the turbulence of chronic illness or the rigidity of her parents’ full-time work schedules, she knew sticking around and clinging to a concept of normality from before just wasn’t the right move.

She knew there had to be another way.

Armed with the knowledge that, each day, students around her – and like her – were taking up valuable teacher time, energy, and resources trying to meet archaic standards of “achievement” in crowded classrooms using often outdated materials, Gaffney reached out to friends nationwide for help founding a new kind of youth-focused organization, Camp Oak Hallows.

Meet the team:
Gaffney (Founder) | Davidson (HM Sagacity) | O’Brien (HM Vitality)
On each profile page, you’ll find Works that are available as resources to students and educators. Some ideas reflected therein conflict with those of other team members, but we work as a cohesive unit to provide these materials freely and publicly.

It is the belief of Camp Oak Hallows that accessible learning is the basis of strong societies and people.

Today, as a state- and federally- recognized Non-Profit, Camp Oak Hallows creates and publishes FREE grade school-level (K12) content for students and their families who may be pursuing learning outside of traditional classroom environments.

Camp Oak Hallows is the mind-meld of “old fashioned” all-American summer camp and residential boarding school, with hefty splashes of social justice awareness, dashes of innovation, and a sprinkle of the magic we call luck.

By studying and understanding that each young learner has their own needs and desires from their education, COH has developed a “House” alignment system not unlike one particular work of fiction…

Alacrity (lower right), Sagacity (upper right), Serenity (upper left), and Vitality (lower left) are Camp’s four premier choices of “fraternity,” and Campers can place themselves on the quadrant grid based on how, and on what, they like to work. Serenity House members can be described, in a word, as “dreamers”, preferring to work independently on self-set, personal goals, such as works of the imagination. Sagacity House hosts the “inventors”, working to answer the questions of the world. Alacrity House is home to the “allies”, forming strong bonds with their collaborators to achieve collective goals. Vitality House members may be called “trailblazers”, inspiring movements through their ideas. Each House has its own aesthetic theme, but membership in one House is not binding or mandatory, and may not be permanent. As we grow and learn, our needs and wants can change, just like our House. A sense of camaraderie and friendly competition is all that’s meant to exist.

Phase Zero and the Ten Year Plan

COH is in the fundraising and coalition-building stage of development, also known as “Phase Zero.” This is the work we’re doing today to build our future as a General Residential Operation campus in central Texas. Supporters and donors are contributing to the cost of curating and producing quality, accessible educational content to meet the needs of young learners TODAY, while we work to identify partners in the mission to build the school of TOMORROW.

Incorporated as a Non-Profit August 2017; Federal 501c3 status: CONFIRMED by IRS (Apr. 2021)