It is the belief of Camp Oak Hallows that accessible learning is the basis of strong societies and people. That’s why we create and publish FREE grade school-level (K12) content for students and their families who may be pursuing information outside of classroom environments as homeschoolers, “unschoolers,” Section 504/homebound kids, and other situations that might make traditional campus-based resources unavailable or undesirable. Take a look around, and never be afraid to contact us on any of our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via email.) This is the beginning of an edu-revolution, and you are a part of it, just by being here.
Do you have opinions or expertise to share? Find out how you can make a difference here.

Meet the team: Gaffney (Founder) | Davidson (HM Sagacity) | O’Brien (HM Vitality)
On each profile page, you’ll find Works by COH admins from our own classes that are available as resources to students. Some ideas reflected therein conflict with those of other team members, but we work as a cohesive unit to provide these materials freely and publicly.

Camp Oak Hallows is the mind-meld of “old fashioned” all-American summer camp and residential boarding school, with a hefty splash of disability and social justice awareness, dashes of innovation, and a sprinkle of the magic we call luck. COH’s four “houses” are Alacrity, Sagacity, Serenity, and Vitality.

The Houses are distributed on a “political compass” graph scoring preference to Work Independently or Collaboratively vertically, and on a Personal or Shared Goal horizontally, moving counterclockwise from the BR alphabetically.
Serenity’s colors are maroon and silver, and the mascot is a fox. This House values personal space and dedication.
Sagacity’s colors are navy and white, and the mascot is an elephant. This House values peer respect and thoughtfulness.
Vitality’s colors are forest and mint green, and the mascot is a cat. This House values good character and leadership.
Alacrity’s colors are yellow and lavender, and the mascot is an owl. This House values camaraderie and selflessness.

The best way to engage with COH’s team and resources is through our online space, Discord. This is a free and private app (for computer and mobile) that removes the physical distance from the social distancing. Parents, students, teachers, anyone is welcome to join.

Incorporated as a Non-Profit August 2017; Federal 501c3 status: CONFIRMED by IRS (Apr. 2021)