The Dream and the Team

It was just supposed to be a theme camp. A few weeks of summer in an “American Hogwarts.”

Then, it happened.

November 8, 2016, the election of the 45th POTUS, whom in his first few months of the presidency had backtracked significant amounts of progress made in the world of public education since desegregation, including appointing a Secretary of Education who does not believe in public education. This anti-PE administration has made campus a desperate place to be for students outside of the idealistic “cookie-cutter” mold of education perfection.

Camp Oak Hallows quickly became so much more than just a place to nerd out and maybe knock out some un-fun credits during Summer break. COH and the Headmasters team is now fighting for the rights to a Fair and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for even non-Potterheads.

All politics and personal biases aside, every student deserves an educational experience that is catering to their needs as human beings going through some of the most psychologically and physically taxing years of their lives. The average American campus is not always the place to find the care and assistance these students need. Disregarding all fandom alignment and nerdy preferences, COH is a haven of acceptance and progress in all directions. It is necessary to remember that the mental, emotional, and physical health of students is as if not more important than their homework. Overall educational success relies on having a healthy body around to make the grade, and a perfect final report card is useless if the mental health of a student declines so much they don’t live long past the print date. The Hallows administrative team recognizes this and is working to create an environment of all-encompassing health and safety.

Our Planned Programs

  • Summer Fun Sessions, a true American camp experience campers, not students, open to general public ages 10-17
  • Homelessness Prevention Program collaboration with CPS and educational social work groups
  • Permanent and Recurring Scholarships with various criteria across demographic need
  • Work-Study Reduced or Supplemented Tuition Program impoverished or financially unstable students without scholarship
  • Accelerated Learning Program, Junior High-High School (grades 6-12) gifted or advanced students on regular tuition or scholarship
  • LGBTQ Safe Haven Program see: here
  • Prefectry Program, age 13-20 students and campers alike are taught valuable life skills such as, but not limited to, money management, car care, and cooking.
  • Equestrian and Canine Therapy Program students and campers connect with an animal and learn to take care of it — and themselves — for physical and/or mental health recovery.
  • Section 504 Alternative Education Program disabled or accommodation-requiring students are offered a more flexible learning environment to best suit their needs as an alternative to general public education found in public schools

Texas’s loose education laws regarding homeschooling enable us to create this environment of learning in a more flexible manner to better accommodate diverse learners and provide more suited course types to the student.

Consider making a donation directly to and include a Program name by comment if you wish to support a specific goal.

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