NOW HIRING: TikTok Creators

Yes, you read that right. Camp Oak Hallows is seeking portrait-mode video content creators to make TikToks and Stories about COH, or its fictional counterpart, OAKS. You can apply now through this form to become a volunteer team member — and even become a paid staffer in the future!

What do these videos look like? Currently on COH’s TikTok, viewers can watch the first episodes of two “shows”: Oaks High and The Common Room. Oaks High tells short stories set in the OAKS universe, featuring characters that attend the fictional school and live in the fictionalized setting where mythical beings and magic exist – and coexist with non-magical peers who aren’t aware of the school’s secret classes.

The Common Room is a simple format effort where characters speak candidly into the camera about their day to day life at Oaks High. Episode 1 features the new valedictorian, “Liz,” a fifth-year Alacrity student reflecting on the absence of the former top of the class who seems to have gone missing. The story parallels the novelization of OAKS, where main character El’s roommate Mack Julien mysteriously hasn’t turned up for the new year of school, and no one knows where she’s gone. Rumors of Mack having a disagreement with a Headmaster float through campus, but the claims seem unsubstantiated by HM Cavan herself, who assures El that there’s nothing to worry about.

Applicants hoping to show more finesse with editing can try their hand at making an episode of OAKS HIGH, such as this clip, which shows a group of mythical creature students adventuring to a renaissance festival in their “true forms”, rather than human disguises. During their time surrounded by costumed faire-goers, they wonder if anyone else around them is also flexing their natural appearance.

There is no deadline to apply, and applicants are encouraged to share the link to friends and anyone else who may be interested in giving their time to COH. A disclaimer does ask applicants if they are a part of any other organizations whose missions may conflict with that of Camp, as COH is not willing to form mutual relationships with entities who actively work to uphold systems that oppress others, or perpetuate inequality.

Once again, you can use this link to apply for the volunteer team of Camp Oak Hallows, and even accrue hours for other organizations’ Community Service requirements.

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