Program and Course Code Guide

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ABC: Athletics, Barns and Crews

1110: Athletics Department
1120: Barns Department
1130: Crews Department

ACE: Arts and Career Exploration

1200: Arts Department

ARA: Advancement Readiness Assessments

1301: ACT (American College Testing)
1302: GED (General Education Development, “Graduation Equivalent Diploma”)
1303: HiSET (High School Equivalency Test)
1304: PSAT (Pre-SAT)
1305: SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test by the CollegeBoard)
1306: TSI (Texas Success Initiative college entry placement exam)

EAGP: Electives and Goal Programs in mixed departments

H&H: History and Humanities

1510: World and International Studies
2513: Government, Civics, and Political Affairs
1520: National and Regional Studies
1524: United States Civics and Government
1525: Civics (Meeting the state requirement of “Good Citizenship”)
1530: Localized Level Studies

LLC: Languages, Literature, and Composition

1600: Department
6612: Literature Appreciation
7612: English IV for STEM Pathers


1700: Department
1741: Strategic Thinking


1800: Department