Program and Course Code Guide

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ABC: Athletics, Barns and Crews

1110: Athletics Department
1120: Barns Department
1130: Crews Department

ACE: Arts and Career Exploration

1200: Arts Department

ARA: Advancement Readiness Assessments

1301: ACT (American College Testing)
1302: GED (General Education Development, “Graduation Equivalent Diploma”)
1303: HiSET (High School Equivalency Test)
1304: PSAT (Pre-SAT)
1305: SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test by the CollegeBoard)
1306: TSI (Texas Success Initiative college entry placement exam)

EAGP: Electives and Goal Programs in mixed departments

H&H: History and Humanities

1510: World and International Studies
2513: Government, Civics, and Political Affairs
1520: National and Regional Studies
1524: United States Civics and Government
1525: Civics (Meeting the state requirement of “Good Citizenship”)
1530: Localized Level Studies

LLC: Languages, Literature, and Composition

1600: Department
6612: Literature Appreciation
7612: English IV for STEM Pathers


1700: Department
1741: Strategic Thinking


1800: Department


COH believes the freedom to control your schedule and courseload is integral to a meaningful academic career. That’s why we go beyond IDEA Section 504 accommodations and offer educational flexibility to EVERY student.

Assessing academic aptitudes isn’t an exact science, but we can work together to gauge areas where certain students will struggle or thrive, based on foundational information like interests and learning environment preferences. Students who self-motivate and independently focus are more likely to succeed in self-paced study programs, while students who learn better socially with more teacher face-time will excel in Small Group classes that meet regularly.