Uniforms, Formal Attire, Insignia, and Awards

There are a few ways Camp Oak Hallows differs from traditional “boarding schools” as most know them, and these distinctions are significant when it comes to discussions of accessibility and campus culture, especially. The Headmasters draw inspiration from a number of popular media sources, including but not limited to Hogwarts (Harry Potter), Camp Walden (Parent Trap – 1998), the SHIELD Academy of Science and Technology (Marvel), and Pacific Coast Academy (Zoey 101). Generally, we’d like to avoid the “vibes” of settings such as Welton Academy (Dead Poet Society) and encourage more individualism and camper autonomy than many strict private schools allow. It shouldn’t take a Legally Blondes (2009)-esque smack-down to have comfortable style on campus that embraces the uniqueness of students and invites freedom of expression.

However, COH does plan to have a Dress Uniform for special ceremonies and awards, similar to Scout organizations, or “Lettermans.” These will likely be in the form of white or khaki button-downs similar to those worn by Park Rangers or members of the Navy. This piece of clothing is where pins denoting year/rank, House, and membership to any other organizations would be placed, as well as Merit Badges or Awards earned through on-Camp activities. Dress Uniforms are not for daily wear or required for classes. Additionally, a set of “Work Blues” may be owned by Campers in positions on Crews or in the Barns. These would mostly serve utilitarian purposes for comfort during work hours, needing pockets/belt loops for easy carrying of tools or equipment, and a walkie radio. Any staff or Crews helping with Check-In and Check-Out procedures would dress in their Blues or Whites.

Dress code will be overall very relaxed on-Camp unless they are in a certain program area where more durable and/or thoroughly covering clothing is required for safety (such as ropes course.) Closed-toe shoes are mandatory outside of some designated areas and living quarters, for safety. Regardless of sex or gender, Campers should mostly dress such that their body is covered from armpit to crotch to prevent torso sunburns, which are a risk when spending time outdoors. Given the nature of having a campus so committed to engaging in physical activities like swimming, it is pointless to try to enforce “modesty codes” that regulate where on the grounds it’s “okay” to show skin. That would be akin to dictating appropriate meal times, or restricting access to resources by the hands of a clock.

Camp Oak Hallows Official Insignia and Awards
First Year Camper – a single copper five-pointed star
Second Year Camper – a single bronze five-pointed star
Third Year Camper – a single silver five-pointed star
Fourth Year Camper – two silver five-pointed stars
Fourth Year Prefect – three silver five-pointed stars in a triangle
Fifth Year Camper – a single gold five-pointed star
Fifth Year Prefect – two gold five-pointed stars
Sixth Year Camper – three gold five-pointed stars in a triangle
Sixth Year Prefect – three gold five-pointed stars in a triangle in a gold ring
Seventh Year Camper – a platinum seven-pointed sun/star
Seventh Year Prefect – a platinum seven-pointed sun/star in a platinum ring
Eighth Year Camper – a platinum eight-pointed sun/star
Eighth Year Prefect – a platinum eight-pointed sun/star in a platinum ring
Ninth Year Camper – a platinum nine-pointed sun/star
Ninth Year Prefect – a platinum nine-pointed sun/star in a platinum ring
Tenth Year Camper – a platinum ten-pointed sun/star
Tenth Year Prefect – a platinum ten-pointed sun/star in a platinum ring
Graduate – a navy enamel or metal tree, the classic emblem of COH, with the calendar year
Alumnus Staff Member – a white phoenix with a number denoting year
Graduate Staff Member – a navy phoenix with a number denoting year

Campers and Staff wear their Year insignia on the right breast, below an embroidered COH emblem, such as a House crest or the classic tree, and their embroidered name. On Work Blues, position is shown here. (“Equestrian Crew Leader”)
Staff members and Campers are permitted to wear insignia of their colleges/fraternities/organizations on their left breast. Flags of states or nationalities are permitted to be worn on the shirt collar.

Campers who complete Scout service projects on the grounds (such as Bronze, Silver, or Gold/Eagle Awards,) earn a special pin of a phoenix carrying a torch in its foot claws in the appropriate metal. Campers who complete service projects outside of Scout guidelines earn an enamel rhombus with a metal torch symbol. This is worn on the left with other insignia.

The lower front of the uniform is reserved for Camp-specific badges and recognitions. Any time travel is planned for student Camper groups, a special COH badge will be created commemorating the trip, usually showing a destination flag and a year/date. The back is available space for patches/badges created by other organizations denoting participation. Larger patches for public on-Camp events may be displayed on the back of the uniform. (“Solar Eclipse 2024”)

Special Insignia for Crew Members
Worn on right with other year-denoting pins
Canine – dog head in year metal
Leadership: paw print on colored enamel triangle
Education – apple in ring, in year metal
Leadership: apple on colored enamel triangle
Equestrian – horse head in year metal
Leadership: horseshoe on colored enamel triangle
Feline – cat head in year metal
Leadership: cat on colored enamel triangle
Food Agriculture – scythe in year metal
Leadership: scythe on colored enamel triangle
Healthcare – Greek cross in year metal
Leadership: Greek cross on colored enamel triangle
Kitchen – whisk in year metal
Leadership: knife on colored enamel triangle
Library – open book in year metal
Leadership: closed book on colored enamel triangle
Lifeguard – ring tube in year metal
Leadership: whistle on colored enamel triangle
Livestock – classic barn in year metal
Leadership: cowboy hat on colored enamel triangle
Performing Arts – microphone in year metal
Leadership: microphone on colored enamel triangle
Maintenance – Lightbulb in year metal
Leadership: crossed hammer/screwdriver on enamel triangle
Visual Arts – crossed pen/brush in year metal
Leadership: spotlight on colored enamel triangle

*Triangle colors progress Red>Orange>Yellow>Green>Teal>Blue>Purple>Pink>White>Black with years in that position 1-10. After 10, a second triangle may be added. (That’s commitment!)

To recap:
Alumni year is shown in stars/circles, service is shown in rhombuses/torches, crews are shown in symbols/triangles, and the uniform is meant to be colorful and personal.

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