The Ten Year Plan

Begin on Page 2 for a 5-phase breakdown of Priority-sequenced site development for Camp Oak Hallows’ “campus of tomorrow,” a planned nexus of accessibility and sustainability designed by and for COH’s specific needs as an organization. To fulfill the mission statement of providing FOOD, HOUSING, and HEALTHCARE as well as an INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION to every Camper, we need a physical campus unlike any other, anywhere. COH isn’t just another version of the Montessori or Waldorf, and we’re taking vital steps to earn the trust of the communities we seek to serve in the wakes of #BreakingCodeSilence and the Indigenous “boarding schools” of North American history.


Become a Morado Tier Sponsor

A contribution of $8 puts you in the Morado Tier of supporters, and earns you an engraved pathway brick to be laid on the grounds of Camp in 2024 at the Grand Opening.


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PHASE 1: First Priority Constructions
Land and Infrastructure
Main offices, residences, and dining hall
Volunteer guest and short-term housing

PHASE 2: Second Priority Constructions
Main library, boat house, and storage “warehouse”
First long-term housing neighborhood
Secure Intake Infirmary


Become an Indigo Tier Sponsor

A contribution of $25 puts you in the Indigo Tier, and your support is recognized with a limited edition 2024 Grand Opening tshirt


PHASE 3: Third Priority Constructions
Recreation areas
More short-term housing

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PHASE 4: Fourth Priority Constructions
More recreation areas and long-term housing
Agricultural Sector
Hospital facility
Multi-faith Center


Become an Azul Tier Sponsor

Donating at least $150 secures your invitation to the 2024 Grand Opening — and it’s tax deductible!


PHASE 5: Fifth Priority Constructions
Trade Shops and Garages
More long-term housing
Specialized “Academies” facilities
Raised walkways and subterranean transit

This may all look ambitious to you, and it is. We know we’re shooting for the moon here with our wild dreams of giving every Camper the education they deserve in a place that’s truly accessible and comfortable to them. But they do deserve it. And thus, this is our mission. Phase Zero work continues as we reach out and form connections with businesses and individuals around Texas and nationwide who share our passion for ensuring a strong future populated by strong and empowered people. Growing capable adults begins with facilitating the best childhood, and we understand that as important as it is to “teach a man to fish,” it’s far easier to learn when you’re not hungry or tired.

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Become a Verde Tier Sponsor

Your gift of at least $300 helps us secure vitally-needed sustainability resources for Camp, and we’ll honor your support with an engrave plaque on a small area, such as a bench or tree.


Our future is Camper-led.

This three-branch system positions a bicameral congress of students and members alongside the Administration (staff) to make choices about Camp’s culture, development, and day-to-day life. Everyone has a chance to participate in the government of the organization, and students can have agency over their learning in a very real and meaningful way not seen in other kids of “school” settings. By earning Rank and Merit, Campers rise through their time on-Camp and have new privileges and responsibilities, as well as opportunities.


Become an Amarillo Tier Sponsor

Donors of at least $500 will have a medium-sized area dedicated to them, such as a gazebo or garden, during the Grand Opening celebration


Camp runs on cycles.

Through seasons from equinox to solstice to equinox to solstice, COH reminds Campers – and students, especially – that learning is a journey with no “standard” timeframe. High school doesn’t have to be four years, gradeschool doesn’t have to be twenty-six semesters. Everyone learns and advances at their own pace, with a team of supportive staff and professionals meeting the needs of Campers on an individual basis. IEPs aren’t just for Section 504 kids! Students can register for any length of stay at any time for any duration, and enjoy every season of COH.


Become a Naranja Tier Sponsor

Donors of at least $800 can name a large area of Camp, such as a trail or study hall, to be dedicated during the Grand Opening celebration.



By the end of the five phase development plan, COH will have several dining options available to Campers around the clock, for low- or no- cost. Hungry minds don’t learn, and restricting Campers to a standardized diet out of their control removes the sense of agency they should have over their Camp experience and life.

Supplementing Tuition

Campers have several methods available to them for the reduction of their tuition costs, especially through Work-Study placement in a Crew role on the grounds. By evaluating the Camper’s ability and comfort level, as well as their need for hours of “income,” and whether there’s an opportunity to earn academic credit for their work time, a staff support team can recommend a Camper to a Work-Study position. This placement might be as a library aide, or member of the landscaping team.

Students can also have their tuition supplemented by assisting in the never-ending labor of sourcing and converting potential learning resources into academic materials for the Hive library.

Outside of the fiscal benefit of participating in the caring and keeping of Camp, residents accrue Personal and House Points, which can be used to buy privileges like Ropes Course time, or goodies from the Trade & Post. On every turn of the season, Camp celebrates and honors the House with the most HP (House Points), which are CP (Camper Points) donated by members to their House, or points earned through competitive means (sanctioned sports and contests) by House teams.


Become a Rojo Tier Sponsor

Donors of $1000 will be honored and memorialized on-Camp with a structure such as a cabin or playground dedicated to them. See the plaque in person during the Grand Opening celebration!


To join the 2024 Coalition enacting this plan, click here

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