Austin Satellite Campus

Status as of April 2022
Site: UNIDENTIFIED; target area betw. HW183 (west), HW 95 (east), SH45 (south), HW29 (north)

Design Concepts
“Barndo” with pull-thru garage(s) and moving walls

The 4 plans above depict a steel walled and framed Barndominium utilizing slide rails to make walls movable/adjustable after construction, creating flexible spaces that can change purpose.
Black walls: permanent/fixed
Gray walls: sliding/mobile
Yellow dotted lines: slide rails
Light red: doors
Dark red: heat appliances
Dark blue: water appliances
Light blue: glass shower doors
Green: change in elevation (stairs)

The inspiration of this plan is maximization of functionality for COH’s always-evolving needs. This house could be a content and materials development headquarters, ideal for day use activity and programming. This house could be a foster system holding center equipped for overnight emergency placements of youth in transition. This house could be a conference/event center, or any number of other things because it’s ready for “anything.” Income from the sale of OAKS: A Third Year Story goes to this project.

Needs and Wants
>Rolling/adjustable kitchen fixture components: Gas range/oven unit with microwave; ADA sink + dishwasher unit with easy connect and disconnect plumbing;
>ADA sinks in all bathrooms
>”Indestructible” vinyl flooring in cool gray tone
>Water reclamation and filtration system
>Backup electricity generator on Solar charging array

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