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As outlined in the 10 Year Plan, the Metalworking, Glassblowing, Automechanical, Woodworking, and Textile Manufacturing sciences are part of Phase 5 of COH Development, in the Trades Department headed by Wojciech Koontz.

Trade sciences are held in the same esteem as academic, artistic, and athletic pursuits. The state of Texas may not see manual labor as valuable or essential skills, but Camp Oak Hallows makes a point to impress upon students that these professions are equally honorable.

Campers will have opportunities to take courses, and hold work placements, in Trade “garages” throughout the Grounds. Just like the agricultural sector and positions in other departments, these placements are worth transcript credit toward graduation.

Koontz’s specialty is in artistic metals.

Prospective students will be encouraged to contact DH Koontz before attending a program to set realistic expectations of courses, and the skill level they demand. Prior experience in a course is not required for beginner-level (1XXX) programs.

About Vicky

Born and living in Central Texas, Wojciech “Vicky” Koontz graduated class of 2018 and is now pursuing further education in metalworking, welding, and smithing. He joined the COH team in 2021 and looks forward to doing his part by forming strong relationships with the Texas foster care system, and supporting older foster youth in becoming independent adults.

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