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Camp Oak Hallows was founded on the belief that students deserve a tailored education. The power of the Internet has given us the ability to facilitate that.

Section 504, Homebound, homeschooled, private tutored, alternative education and every learning setting benefits from the World Wide Web. Beginning April 2018, Camp Oak Hallows is compiling online resources via Quizlet and other platforms to begin the process of developing universally accessible learning curriculum. Even non-Campers can use the online materials. Join for free:

If you have the ability to contribute to our online stock of knowledge, email

100: Athletics, Barns, and Crews (ABC)

200: Arts and Career Exploration (ACE)

300: Advancement Readiness Assessments (ARA)

400: Electives, goal Programs, and Mixed Department Courses (EGP/MD)

500: History and Humanities (HH)

600: Languages, literature, and composition (LLC)

700: Mathematics

800: Sciences

Coming Soon: Google Classroom for Education complete courses in ready modules
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Our sources include AP textbooks, Edgenuity study guides, and the personal notes of the Camp Oak Hallows executive team from their classes. Spread the learning!

If you appreciate our work, please consider making a donation to to help cover our expenses of buying textbooks and online materials to compile, which we make available to students online for free.

We encourage the use of DESMOS and SymboLab for math subjects.

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