Our programs are all part of a cohesive environment of safety and fun. Each is designed to facilitate a population of students and campers with specific needs and wants.

Summer Fun Programs

Our SFPs are planned to be traditional American camp experiences. Hiking, arts and crafts, star gazing, fire circles, horseback riding, swimming, and good old fashioned fun are on the agenda.

Homelessness Prevention Program

We invite youth in shelters, abusive homes, or on the streets to join us as residents, helping to keep our campus alive and well. We’re taking ‘home ec’ to a whole new level with meal prep, equestrian care, and groundskeeping, to name a few, because life skills are survival skills. In exchange, we offer room and board, and opportunity to take classes for credits or GED preparation.

Those who wish to sponsor a student scholarship can become Patrons to our program.

Work-Study Reduced Tuition Program

A few hours of kapers a day keeps the tuition fees away. Join junior staff and for each hour of helping out on daily operations tasks, work off between $10 and $50 in tuition costs.

Those who wish to sponsor a student scholarship can become Patrons to our program.

LGBTQ Safe Haven Program

In our own sneaky way, Camp Oak Hallows is deceptively also advertised to homophobic-religious audiences as a ‘gay therapy’ camp, but SURPRISE, it’s mental health and safety therapy, not conversion therapy! For as many weeks as parents or guardians purchase a la carte, their camper is safe and loved at Camp Oak Hallows.

Equestrian and Canine Therapy Program

Headmaster Kai Meador wants a barn, and a barn means animals. Specifically, horses and dogs. Working with local shelters, COH has plans to adopt animals who have spent more than two weeks in circulation without being adopted into traditional families – our untraditional one will have to do! Campers and students alike are welcome to love and cherish these rescue pets and help care for the four legged family alongside barn staff.

Section 504 Alternative Education Program high school

Disabled and Differently Abled students who would typically have 504 Plans in place in public schools are offered our alternative plan: Design your school the way you need it. Online, small-group, peer-led, independent research, and CBE preparation courses are available, pick and choose your combination of resources to get your credits and graduate at your own pace.

Prefectry Program

Just like Hogwarts, COH has prefects: junior staff who live and work on-camp in positions such as quarter masters (living in units with students and campers as guardians,) kitchen staff, barn staff, lifeguards, and subject specialists.

Everybody’s got a job, everybody’s got a dream.

-Usnavi, “In The Heights” by Lin-Manuel Miranda

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