Have you always wanted your name on a Dedication plaque? Your moment has arrived.

Memorials and monuments are just one way we can grant eternal life to people who have made a difference in our world. And now, with Camp Oak Hallows’s upcoming Kickstarter, you can find your own name engraved in glory on anything from a trailstone to a theater.

How does it work? Beginning May 1, 2021, new YA fantasy novel OAKS will be opening on Kickstarter for Backing, meaning you and anyone can support the novel project. Funds raised by the Kickstarter go directly to Camp Oak Hallows, and several Camp Improvements and Features are offered as rewards for Backing the project. Prospective Backers will have a 60-day window from the launch to get in on this “first round” of the action.

What are the limits? Backers can buy up to 1001 engraved paving stones in one transaction, for $8 each, during the 60 day window. Among other rewards, Backers can donate up to $10,000 at a time to name a Wing or Hall of a building. Anyone interested in contributing a larger sum at one time should contact headmasters@campoakhallows.com

What if the Kickstarter fails to meet its goal? The Kickstarter system does not charge Backers until the project goal is met. If less than $250,000 is contributed collectively to the Kickstarter page, no one will be charged. Visit CampOakHallows.com/MAGIC for more information about OAKS.

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