OAKS TikTok Sound Challenge: “Wand Substitutes”

Description: a TikTok video of @vl_gaffney, a young woman, dimly lit with red light. She is lip-syncing to an audio called “Wand Substitutes Challenge” which is a conversation between two distorted voices over the beginning of the song, “Sugarcrash.” She syncs with voice A.
A: So, do I need a wand?
B: Oh, we don’t really do wand magic here.
A: Oh…
B: We use focal objects.
A: Alright, how do I get one?
B: Well, it’s gotta be something connected with your soul.
A: You mean, like this?
She raises a charm on a necklace, asking if that could be a focal object.

The challenge asks TikTok users to lipsync with Voice A and show an item of their own choosing — no matter how ridiculous — at the end, as if it could be their focal object. End description.

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