Diplomas: Alaska

Source: here.

Minimum: 21 Credits
4 ELA, 3 Maths, 3 Social Studies, 2 Sciences, 1 PE, 8 Electives, 2 LOTE, 1 Arts

Comparison to Texas
Alaska requires: 3 additional Electives; 1 fewer Science; Overall 1 fewer credit than Texas (min. 22)

Head to Head

  • English – 4
    ELA I
    ELA II
    ELA III or comparable AP
    ELA IV, comparable AP, or other language-type course from a given list.
  • Maths – 3
    Algebra I
    Algebra II or 1 total credit from a given list.
  • Sciences – 3
    Biology or comparable AP
    IPC or Physics or Chemistry or Principles of Technology or a comparable AP
    One additional credit from a given list.
  • Social Studies – 3
    World History or World Geography or a comparable AP
    US History
    US Government (.5 c)
    Economics with an Emphasis on the Free Market System and Its Benefits (.5 c)
  • Electives – 5
  • Physical Education – 1
  • Languages Other Than English – 2
  • Fine Arts – 1 from a given list.
  • English – 4
    May include: composition, speech and debate, creative writing, American literature, or World literature

  • Maths – 3
    May include: algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, or calculus
  • Sciences – 2
    May include: physical or earth science, biology, chemistry, physics

  • Social Studies – 3
    May include: American or World history, geography, economics, government/civics, or sociology
    Must include: Alaska history (.5 c)

  • Electives – 8
  • Physical Education – 1
  • Languages Other Than English – 2
  • Arts – 1

It would appear that graduation in Alaska is ‘easier’ to achieve than in the state of Texas, but districts have additional control over their requirements and what each of those courses ‘mean.’ There seems to be greater flexibility in pursuing interests in Alaska, and a shorter amount of time to reach a diploma.

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