The Houses

Camp Oak Hallows is the mindmeld of Montessori education, the summer camp from Parent Trap, and Hogwarts. Blending the nerdiness and love of Harry Potter with desire to create an educational haven, COH is a unique opportunity school providing the option to create your own schedule, course guidelines, and flexible deadlines. Residential and Daytime programs are available, COH is dedicated to offering diverse plans for success.

After over a decade of Girl Scout camp as both guest and staff, VL Gaffney has knowledge and skills tailored to the creation of the optimal program opportunity for kids like her – nerds. Side by side with AA Meador, there is no Camp Management team quite like this geeky pair. Passion for education and defending FAPE/ADA and otherwise challenged students brings together every ingredient for success.

house crests

Creating the houses for Oak Hallows was a whirlwind of brainstorming that ultimately gave us the houses we have today. They each have different principles and aesthetics, and are very unique.

Serenities love hot drinks, peace and quiet, working independently, and a good book. Vitalities are explorers, helpers, and powerful forces of positivity. Alacrities have strong friendships and faith, endless energy, and the perfect playlist for every occaision. Sagacities are dedicated to knowledge and discovery. Their minds may be cluttered but their hearts are in the right place.

Together, they are the Hallows, and the Hallows are alive. When we talk about Houses, COH or Hogwarts or Ilvermorny, it’s important to never get caught up in the stereotypes. Superficial traits like intelligence being made to define an entire personality is something none of us like. By now, it should be obvious to everyone that people don’t fit cleanly into nice little boxes of red, blue, yellow, and green. Feel free to take the sorting quiz over and over again, because it’s okay to be a blend or a borderline. You’re a whole person, and your house is just the place you sleep!

In summer of 2025, we will be inviting artists, nerds, and campers to come decorate camp and leave their mark on our home. From painting murals on cabin walls to hanging pictures in the Rec Hall, even to planting the first gardens, we want you and your creative passion!


Serenity House is: Maroon and silver, library-themed, warm and cozy!

Vitality House is: Forest and mint, nature-themed, cool and clean.

Alacrity House is: Gold and purple, dorm-style, fun and active.

Sagacity House is: Navy and black, space-themed, efficient and techy.

Become a Patreon and support the A (for art) in STE-A-M


Submit your Camptastic art to with your Consent to Adapt and Publish (a simple statement that we are allowed to use and print what you submit, pretty much phrased like that!) so we can feature your art on posters and products, credited.

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