The Houses

house crests

Camp Oak Hallows is a unique opportunity school providing the option to create your own schedule, course guidelines, and flexible deadlines by offering every prospective student an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) in accordance with the IDEA legislation, which protects the rights of disabled learners. Registrants are offered terms as short as one week or as long as all year over the 4 13-week operational Seasons, COH’s equivalent to “semesters.” During a stay, students earn and spend Personal and House Points. As described on the Home page, COH’s Houses have different principles and aesthetics, and are unique to meet the needs and comforts of their members.

How we imagine Serenity House:
Maroon walls with delicate silver details. Velvet and leather couches and deep armchairs, dim lighting, bookshelves everywhere they fit, hardwood floors with plush rugs. Serenities thrive on independent projects and can often be found working on a latest idea they’ve been daydreaming. Mugs of nice-smelling hot things are common. Somewhere, someone is watching a 10-hour Vine/TikTok compilation.

How we imagine Alacrity House:
Lavender painted walls with dried flowers neatly secured to them. Beanbags and round tables with rolling chairs. Windows let the sun pour in, music is playing or being strummed and hummed. Alacrities are social and value closeness with their camp family. Sharing is caring! The Snapchat story for Alacrity House never disappears, but the snacks always do. This House is alive with energy.

How we imagine Sagacity House:
Gray-stained wood paneling on the walls, adorned with dry-erase and chalkboards galore. Rolling desks and chairs can be found in clumps or apart. Navy couches are arranged in circles to facilitate excited discussion of projects. Sagacities are driven by discovery and imagination, collaboration and brainstorming. Water and caffeine are consumed in equal, yet ever-competing, amounts. Pencil cups and drinking cups have all become clearly labeled, and not mixed up nearly as much anymore. Debate over which video game soundtrack makes the best study music never ends. No one wants it to.

How we imagine Vitality House:
Pale mint walls are contrasted by the rich greens of hanging plants and vines spilling out of their pots. Comfortably low couches and chairs are draped in what may be blankets, but may also be a Prefect’s sweater. Someone was kind enough to leave out their glasses cleaner and a sticky note with a smiley face. Vitalities are found laughing together and definitely not procrastinating their homework! No way! The laws of fashion don’t exist here, but bright spirits do. The secrets of Vitality are tucked snugly into painted glass cabinets.

Together, they are the Hallows, and the Hallows are alive. When we talk about Houses, COH it’s important to avoid being caught up in the stereotypes. Superficial traits like intelligence being made to define an entire personality is something none of us like.
By now, it should be obvious to everyone that people don’t fit cleanly into nice little boxes of red, blue, yellow, and green; It’s okay to be a blend or a borderline.
You’re a whole person, and your learning environment preferences are just one part of you!

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