Packer’s Affirmary

Future Plans for Healthcare and Medical Sciences on-camp

As outlined in the 10 Year Plan, the first dedicated medical facilities (The Firehouse) will break ground in 2024, and the full healthcare center (The Hospital) will follow in 2025.
COH hopes to form partnerships with the Texas Child Study Center, Dell Children’s Hospital, and UT Health to create a research program into LGBTQ youth in the state. Ideally, subjects in the program would receive discounted or free tuition, room, and board for the duration.

Hopes for the health science programs on-Camp extend beyond the 10YP into the 2030s, with the intention of becoming a recognized desirable destination for students with innovative ambitions that they’re unable to fully pursue in other educational settings.
In collaboration with partner universities’ medical schools, COH will establish an Academy program focusing on the “ABCs”: anatomy, biology, and cutting-edge creativity. Admission will be based on available scholarship funding, as it is the goal of COH to not have to increase tuition burden on families to enter their student into one of our Academies.

The Firehouse’s primary function is to be the emergency intake of animals and youth, regardless of where they are coming from. Until the Hospital’s completion, it will serve as infirmary and basic health office, performing tasks such as distributing daily prescriptions to campers and making the decision on case-by-case whether to call for off-Camp help in situations of injury or illness. This is where check-in screenings would be conducted.

About Sofia Packer

Born in New Jersey and now residing outside Houston, TX, future Dr. Packer is a student of psychology and gender science interested in furthering our collective understanding of the experiences of Trans people from a young age. Her spirit is in everything she does, and the team has great respect for her on her journey to her doctorate.
Packer attends the GW University in Washington, DC, where she serves in student government and is a member of the school’s chapter of Sunrise Movement.

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