#STOP1646: Trans Youth Deserve Healthcare

Texas Senate Bill 1646 (yet unnamed by its authors) seeks to classify parents enabling gender-affirming healthcare for their Transgender children as abusive, qualifying those children to be removed from their homes and put into the foster care system. It’s no surprise that all of the bill’s sponsors are members of the Republican Party, as this is just the latest in the series of right-wing politicians cherry-picking what counts as invasions of privacy (Fourth Amendment suppression), and speech and self-expression (First Amendment suppression). Nicknamed in media as “Bathroom Bill 3.0“, Charles Perry’s proposed amendment to the Family Code would end gender-affirming healthcare for children in Texas on the grounds that puberty-blocking therapies negatively affect treated youth.

When Oklahoma announced similar legislation, COH announced that gender-affirming healthcare will still be offered to Oklahoman Campers, and everyone else, on the principle that Camp Oak Hallows’s stated mission of “FOOD, HOUSING, HEALTHCARE” includes supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of Campers exploring and expressing their gender identities, regardless of whether the Camper is pursuing medical or surgical intervention. We do this through mental healthcare, we do this through open housing, we do this through unrestrictive dress codes, we do this through making grooming services (hair, skin, and nail care) available to all. Anyone looking to support these policies of facilitating positive self-identification can donate directly to us via PayPal, or share our content (free!) across Social Media. @campoakhallows is on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Camp Oak Hallows is not a political 501c4 organization. We have no official “weight” in politics or government, and are not donors to political parties or campaigns. What we are, is a youth-focused non-profit dedicated to serving the marginalized and undersupported students of the United States through flexible programs and practices that endorse and encourage healthy studenthood before and into adulthood. Attacks on Trans rights are attacks on us. We take it personally. Do you?

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