The Calendar

What does this mean?
Oak Hallows functions on the ecological calendar of natural and astronomical events, rather than religious or traditional academic markings of time.
The Summer Session begins with the Solstice, celebrated with an Estival Festival “day off.”
During this time is open non-student registration for Volunteer Hour pursuants completing service projects on the grounds, and Vacationer guests coming to enjoy the grounds on their own.
The Autumn Session begins with the Equinox, celebrated with a Fall Ball.
The Winter Session begins with the Solstice, celebrated with a Hiemal Hibernation “day off.”
The Spring Session begins with the Equinox, celebrated with a Vernal Ball.
During this time is the annual “Spring Surprise” event where ‘Eggs’ are hidden across the grounds containing gifts and goodies.
Campers wishing to celebrate or commemorate other holidays and observances are, obviously, welcome to do so, but those dates don’t impact Camp as a whole (no one is ‘forced’ to recognize a holiday they don’t want to.) Long-term Campers should disclose planned observances during registration (i.e., religious.)

See a layout of 2024: here.

So how does this affect graduations and academic progressions?
Once Camp is openly operational, these events will take place during weekly ‘Camp Fire,’ integrated as part of the regular program of announcements, news, and togetherness that makes bonfires special. Guests from off-camp can be invited for the ceremony. Attendance for Long-Term Campers is incentivized by allowing those present to have ‘first dibs’ at picking their Kapers (camp chores) for the next week. Special duties such as working in a kitchen, garden, library, or lab are up for grabs.

Having fun with the moon
Full Moon nights will be designated “all-camp game” nights (Capture the Flag, War Canoe, et c)
New Moon nights will be designated “all-camp movie” nights (Screenings, performances, et c)

Universal Time (UTC)
The possibility of Camp keeping to UTC is under consideration. The benefit of 24-hour time is appealing when planning for the high likelihood that Camp won’t follow a “traditional circadian” schedule of ‘Day’ and ‘Night.’ As a means of alleviating food insecurity and meal-related stress, rather than having ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’, and ‘dinner’ during daylight hours, the Dining Hall will remain open continuously around the clock and ‘serve’ a new ‘meal’ every four hours. Enforcing ‘traditional’ daylight meal times is discriminatory against residents and Campers on regimented medications requiring them to eat before or after doses which happen at certain times that may or may no coincide with others’.

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