Eating at Camp

The nature of a residential camp or boarding school includes eating while living on-camp. The nature of Spoonies is to usually have dietary restrictions of some kind, be they allergies, sensitivities, or an effect of a disability such as Celiac.

COH is not deaf to the fact that a lot of kids need special care when it comes to meal times. Parents and families are welcome to provide their child with one weeks-worth at a time of food and snacks, or offer our kitchen a file or document stating dietary needs and restrictions that we will accommodate without hesitation. Kosher? Not an issue. Vegan? Delicious. Gluten free? Come on, give us a challenge. Families don’t need to worry about their kids eating right and eating enough at camp. Students are also welcome to try their hand at learning to cook and try new things with our Beyond Home Ec program.

Additionally, if you or someone you know owns, operates, or represents a Texan business that provides natural, fresh, organic, or a faith-restricted menu of foods, we are all ears!

Contact with questions or inquiries, or leave a comment on this post to submit a recipe you love.
To become a Meal Sponsor, consider making a direct donation:

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