The Grounds and Camp Celebrations

“Season Wheel” of first planned term: 2024. Dates marked are solstice/equinox dates, the global official day the season changes. COH intends to open for operation in Spring of 2024.

Camp Oak Hallows operates on a seasonal, or quarterly, term schedule comprised of week-long “sessions.” Campers register week by week, and do not have to stay for entire seasons (but are obviously welcome to!) Generally speaking, it takes approximately one season to complete a “half credit” worth of a course, parallel to a “semester” of Texas public school. COH honors and recognizes the diversity of students who move at different paces and need different resources to succeed in their education, which is why a majority of academic “core” courses are not rigidly traditional “lecture-style” daily attendance classes, but rather flexible pursuits that can be taken on in a number of ways. Students are encouraged to form clubs and utilize a myriad of technology.
Points are earned for the completion of certain types of tasks and assignments/course work. These points are part of two ongoing programs: The House Tournament, and the Camper Economy. A student can spend their Personal Points on things like treats from the Trade and Post, or time in a program area (such as the ropes course,) while House Points add up for the duration of a season and, at the time of the season change, we celebrate with an all-camp event honoring the House with the most HP from the past quarter. Then, the House Points reset for the next quarter. Personal Points stay with Campers through seasons and don’t “disappear.”

While no Camper or Student will ever be prevented from doing so, the Grounds and Staff of COH will not “celebrate” any religious or governmental holidays. Camp is open year-round, and “celebrates” on dates such as these astronomical events, with no religious or spiritual affiliation:

Astronomical events of 2024, including a total solar eclipse in April, a meteor shower in May, the Perseids meteor shower in August, a supermoon in November, the Geminids meteor shower in December, and an optimal viewing of Mars in January of 2025.

Students and Campers can mark and observe holidays and celebrations as they see fit for their lifestyles, including decorations and the exchange of gifts in a Camp-Appropriate manner. Planned “parties” are subject to Staff approval. Evangelizing in any way is not permitted and can result in being asked to leave the Grounds for the comfort and safety of other Campers.

Family and friends are welcome to join on-Camp festivities, such as the seasonal all-Camp celebrations, birthdays, performances or games, and academic progressions. All visitors are subject to a thorough security screening and will not be allowed to bring “gift wrapped” packages onto the Grounds. Overnight guests are subject to additional scrutiny for the safety of all residents of the Grounds.