Working the Program

As of February 2021, Camp Oak Hallows is beginning the “XQ in a Box” process to re-imagine and re-invent schools in Texas, and what accessibility in education means. To create this “school of our dreams,” we need to think OUT of the box about what COH could, should, and must have to properly serve its students and Campers of all ages, from the smallest newborn puppies to the tallest of trees. We invite YOU to weigh-in with your thoughts, opinions, and observations about public, charter, magnet, private, community, and home-based schooling to ensure that our plans for Camp thoroughly reflect the needs of our future family. Join us on Discord to get started:
Just create a free account and join our free server, participate when you want and take a break when you need. No commitment, only our gratitude.


Throughout March and April, the focus will be on breaking down the Learner Goals:
Masters of All Fundamental Literacies Educators and professionals in essential and core fields who can help create the academic and social materials that distinguish us from other schools
Holders of Functional Knowledge Folks who work in the industries that touch on or connect to e-d-u such as business administrators and suppliers of equipment and necessities
Original Thinkers for an Uncertain World Innovative designers, artists, and architects of the physical elements of schools and campus life able to visualize and communicate on structural processes
Generous Collaborators for Tough Problems Donors and sponsors who wish to see the project through just as much, if not more, than we do
Learners for Life Students and their families who could and/or will benefit from Camp and this initiative

We need all five elements to come together to complete this mission, and it starts with you either sharing your own expertise, or shaNring the information with someone who has expertise to share. We’re always looking to grow and meet new people, so introduce yourself! Introduce your mom! Introduce your boss! Don’t be shy, we can’t wait to get to know you and your story.

During the March 27 meeting, we asked questions to answer these basic prompts:
Establish Principles and a unifying mission statement. What could and should schools be?
Outline Innovative Approaches and discuss what they mean in the Camp context. (Space, time, and resource use) What would you change, given every resource and necessary bit of support?
Build Relationships with community members who want to become full Team and Staff members. What kind of people are necessary aspects of a perfect school community”?
Form Partnerships with businesses and organizations who want a piece of the action. What businesses would make good, great, or fantastic sponsors?
Establish a dedicated Youth Voice Space that can be easily accessed and checked often, and responded to by Team or Staff members. What questions do students have about their education?

By this point, the engaged conversation should include:
Students and youth with diverse backgrounds
Parents and caregivers with diverse experiences
Educators at several levels, in several fields
Distance/Online Education experts at several levels, in several fields
Youth development experts (such as counselors, social workers)
Artists and Designers interested in visualizing concepts
Researchers and Writers/Communications experts
Non-school youth leaders (such as from museums)

Create roles for new Team members who will lead discussions on the unique challenges faced by each represented community, and how to create equity, equality, and justice. Map out who is, or isn’t, being represented. Is there a lacking area? Catalog connections and influential members. What’s missing, or being over-represented?

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