The Musicians and Educators Forum

Join us on Discord, invite your peers, professors, and proud instrumentalists and vocalists. This conversation won’t have itself!

What is TM(a)EF?

Students, educators, parents, music vendors, patrons of the performing arts, this is for you. You are seen, you are appreciated, your voice matters and can now be heard. From elementary to world class, share resources, news, and discussions with folks from anywhere and everywhere, all for the love of music. Musical theater, dance, choir, band, DCI/WGI, composers, critics, worship ensembles, anyone in or around academic and competitive music.

Help grow this (free!) community forum by sharing the Invitation link to anyone you feel could and should be a part of the future of academic and competitive music.

What is Discord?

Marketed as a (FREE) “Slack” or “Teams” equivalent, Discord is a (FREE) online communications tool allowing organizers to establish channels, topics, and roles for members to connect through in easy-to-read and easier-to-follow threads of conversation. All message history to the beginning of time are searchable by keyword, display names can be color-coded by role (ours are sorted by your status as a student, teacher, parent, et cetera,) and the only limit for uploadable content is the individual file size. Unlike Slack, messages and file history don’t become “archived” or “hidden”, only to be heard from again through paid membership. Who has that kind of cash just sitting around? Not a music educator.

Discord is more accessible across platforms, has built-in voice calling features, optional Light and Dark modes, simplified discussion group privacy, and is easy to mute when you just don’t want to hear anything for a moment, or a while, or ever. Slack will email you, and fill your inbox with “Your co-workers are messaging you!” Discord will happily wait for the next time you’ve got a sec to breathe and tune in on the news in your server.

Can’t wait to meet you.