Secondary Language Arts: American Literature

This independent study literature course covers influential American works from the colonial and early national period through modern day. Content is based on preparatory questions for the 2020 CLEP American Literature Exam and adapted for Homeschool/Independent learning. You may choose to modify this course for yourself, your control of your learning is why you have opted for alternative education sources.

Companion Materials



Unit 1: The Beginnings, through 1830

Unit 2: The Romantic Period, through 1870

Unit 3: The Realism and Naturalism Period, through 1910

Unit 4: The Modernist Period, through 1945

Unit 5: The Contemporary Period, through today

Religious and Puritan Works in American Lit

Political Works in American Lit

Biographies and Autobiographies of American Figures

Women of American Lit

African-American Lit

Mexican-American Lit

AL: Poetry

AL: Dramas

AL: Novels

AL: Allegories and Satires

AL: Tales and Fables

Projects and Essays