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Camp Oak Hallows incorporated with the state of Texas as a Non Profit education corporation serving the youth, disabled, and low-income communities of the United States and especially Texas.
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Organization Policy

Behaviors on-Camp
Camp Oak Hallows operates in the most accessible, familiar, inviting way it can, and regularly assesses ways to improve with students, campers, and families. Ensuring a safe, loving, welcoming environment is necessary to maintain the “magic of camp” that so many throughout the history of residential camp have come to know and love. This magic cannot be found anywhere else, which is why Camp Oak Hallows is so dedicated to the mission of acceptance and accessibility.
Camp Oak Hallows will not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, history of residence, employment status, financial status, educational background, or any factor other than behavioral decorum. If an application of enrollment is found to not be in accordance with the policy of Camp Oak Hallows to provide safe and uninterrupted education, only then will an application be rejected.
Camp Oak Hallows facilitates holistic learning and growth as citizens and human beings through outdoor exposure, fellowship, family, and faith. Camp Oak Hallows does not regard any particular religion or denomination as a formal doctrine to be professed by those employed by Camp. Students and Campers bring their faith with them the same way they bring their toothbrush. Camp’s facility “Hallowed Ground” is neutrally respected as a church, chapel, synagogue, mosque, or otherwise. Upon enrollment, families, and guardians are asked about the religious belonging of the enrollee, including being asked to detail practices of worship. Only in cases in which practices are against Camp’s policy (Respect, Responsibility, Safety) will worship practices be inhibited.
Inhibited behaviors:
Discrimination against other members of Camp of any kind for any reason
Harm to animals or “sacrificial” ritual
Harm to the environment or facility
Harm to other members of Camp
Rituals involving the destruction of Camp property, or properties of members of Camp
Forceful indoctrination or conversion of non-religious or otherwise faithful members of Camp
Theft of properties of other members of Camp
Unauthorized invitation of non-Camp personnel to worship on-Camp
Disruptive demonstrations or unauthorized ceremony, festival, ritual, or holiday that interrupts Camp and Camp activities
Bodily harm to members of Camp, whether “consensual” or not
Tattooing members of Camp, whether “consensual” or not
Sexual, sensual, or outercoursal activity of any kind, whether “consensual” or not
Nudity or exposure of sexual, mammary, and excretory organs
Illegal consumption or use of substances such as drugs and alcohol
Restraint, bondage, motion restriction, isolation, or imprisonment of members of Camp, whether “consensual” or otherwise
Improper use of materials to facilitate a “high,” such as sniffing markers or adhesives
Ritual or practice involving bodily fluids, excretions, or body parts including teeth, hair, or nails
Ritual or practice involving open flames, boiling liquid, exposed electrical currents, sharp objects, toxic or poisonous substances or materials, unsanitary substances or materials, et cetera.
Bullying of any kind to anyone
Camp Oak Hallows officers and staff reserve the right to update this list or judge practice, ritual, or behavior as inappropriate on the spot, even if the practice, ritual, or behavior was not previously indicated to be inappropriate. For best results, Campers and students practicing organized faith, religion, and spirituality on-Camp should first consult administration and staff about intended activities, and be as detailed as possible in their enrollment documentation.
This list does not exclusively govern religious, spiritual, or faith-related activities. No Camper, religious or otherwise, may participate in these behaviors and practices.
Campers, students, and their guardians are expected to sign a contract agreeing to maintain decorum and appropriate behavior prior to admission to Camp. Refusing to sign this agreement, or failure to comply with this agreement after signing will result in inadmittance, rejection of application, suspension, or expulsion.

Camp Financing

Tuition, rent, and enrollment fees are determined on a custom basis. Frequency and value of payment may not be the same from Camper to Camper. Members of Camp range from Administration and Staff to Campers and students to residential renters. The cost of Camp living may vary or fluctuate through seasons and years. Families and guardians should regularly evaluate their financial needs and communicate these to Camp to best ensure that payments are reasonable, sustainable, and timely.
Financial aid is available. Multiple forms of payment including cash, check, and electronic deposits are accepted. Camp will never send a paper bill or electronic message requesting money. Payments are made in person or as scheduled via Internet. If you receive a message requesting money “from Camp,” please call for confirmation, and to schedule a visit or online transaction.
Scholarships offered by Camp or outside organizations are available and may be granted to students or Campers whose application for financial aid shows need or qualification specified in the application for aid. Need or use of scholarships will never affect odds of admittance or treatment on-Camp. Discrimination or treatment on the basis of financial aid or scholarship is considered bullying, which is indicated in the list of prohibited behaviors that all members of Camp are expected to abide by.
The families of students and Campers may partially finance tuition or program enrollment costs with offered services. For example, a Camper whose mother paints houses may offer to repaint some Camp facilities in exchange for lowered enrollment cost for their Camper. The need for this kind of financial aid will not affect the decision regarding application acceptance.
All members of Camp are required to participate in basic upkeep tasks (“kapers”) such as sweeping and wiping windows. Additional work detail assignments can be given. See details. Campers and students in need of this kind of financial aid should specify on their enrollment application what their level of physical ability is, and how often they could perform their tasks. Campers and students taking advantage of the Camp Cash program will never be discriminated against or disadvantaged in the admissions process. Needing financial aid does not make the odds of acceptance lesser.
Infractions against the behavioral code may result in re-evaluation of scholarship, suspension, or expulsion. Students and Campers without financial aid may face behavioral fees that will affect tuition costs as a penalty for poor behavior, or suspension or expulsion. It is recommended that all members of Camp maintain appropriate behavior and decorum. Any question of “Is this allowed?” should be brought to Administration or Staff as soon as possible for approval or rejection. If any member of Camp ever feels that their behavior is being unfairly judged or unequally penalized, they are invited to petition to Administration for a reevaluation of penalty or judgment.

Conflict of Interest

Camp Oak Hallows relies heavily on volunteer efforts in order to maintain low tuition and enrollment costs by not often contracting or financing labor on-Camp. Organizations such as Scouts, school groups, religious organizations, or privatey investing businesses may provide labor or assistance on-Camp. In order to prevent Conflict of Interest, employees of Camp including Administration will not hire or facilitate the hiring of organizations they have external connections to for labor on-Camp. For example, a staff member whose brother owns a lawn mowing service will not hire their brother to mow the lawn, to be paid with Camp money. If the brother volunteers the labor at no cost, the volunteership may be considered.
Camp employees’ families are not considered for Camp-provided financial aid that is also offered to general student or Camper populations. Staff members may apply for financial aid on the basis of their employment separately from other students’ and Campers’ applications. This financial aid situation is similar to the Camp Cash system of labor for Credit.
Decisions regarding Camp expenditures will not be influenced by past experiences or gratitude for past labor. Decisions are, to the best of Camp’s ability, based solely on present need and availabilty of services.
The families of students and Campers may partially finance tuition or program enrollment costs with offered services. For example, a Camper whose mother paints houses may offer to repaint some Camp facilities in exchange for lowered enrollment cost for their Camper. The need for this kind of financial aid will not affect the decision regarding application acceptance. See: Camp Financing.

Tax Exemption Status

Application: 1023
Status: Pending
Camp Oak Hallows will utilize federal tax exemption to facilitate reduced cost of tuition, program enrollment fees, and other costs to applicants through the ability to reallocate funds that would otherwise be spent on expenditure taxes to the purchase of supplies, facility maintenance, Staff compensation, and financial aid offered to applicants.
As an educational organization offering religious support and low-income/disability accessible housing, Camp Oak Hallows qualifies for tax exemption. This means donations and membership become tax deductible.
Record of Expenditures:
Will be updated

600.9(2)(b) — Seeking accreditation as an organization authorized to provide Higher Education:

An institution is considered to be legally authorized to operate educational programs beyond secondary education if it is exempt as a religious institution from State authorization under the State constitution or by State law.

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