The One Year Campaign

We are looking into 2020 with our eyes on the prize: having COH thriving by the end of this decade. Today, we launched the One Year Campaign to raise half a million dollars and get Camp Oak Hallows into the real world.

Since 2015, we’ve been spiraling outward from the original concept of creating a “Hogwarts” themed summer camp, to where we are today, creating FREE online curriculum for everyone who knows that accessible, technology-embracing, self-paced, personalized learning is the future of education. Now it’s time for the next step: building our world to share with more lives than we could ever imagine.

It is absolutely FREE to share the link to our PayPal Pool, and there is NO MINIMUM DONATION amount! You can give pennies or pounds, every cent is cherished because your pocket change becomes global change. What can you do to make a difference today?

This campaign ends 25 December, 2020 with the goal of raising $500,000. Anonymous donations are accepted, or you can leave your name and a special message to us and the world. Thank you for your time and interest in bettering the lives of those who need the most help.

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