Our vision

A message from founder VL Gaffney, Headmaster of Serenity House

Camp Oak Hallows was dreamed up to be an American Hogwarts meets Parent Trap Summer Camp. The notion of operating an Accessible School, Homeless and Foster Shelter, and Quality of Life Improvement home, came second and third and on down.

We are young. We are just beginning our work as educators and as adult millennials. To many, we are too young to be making such bold moves into the business and education world. But what does that mean? Is there a threshhold all adults must pass through before their voices and dreams and ideas become legitimate? Are college students on one side of an invisible barrier of silence where our plans have no merit? We are scared, yes. We are concerned about finances and logistics, but that means we are not blindly chasing a fantasy we dreamed up over a cup of microwave ramen.

And that is why we would like to make something clear.

This team, the headmasters and management staff, intend to operate Camp Oak Hallows as a retreat camp for a short number of years before opening the education programs. As we find our footing and create a network of communities and supporters who believe in the dream of all that COH can and will be, we are working hard at becoming the best foundation possible. It all started with Summer Camp.

As we begin this journey, we are aware of the massive debt we will assume and accrue. We do not expect to be profiting any time soon. What we do expect and rightly need are voices of investors, donors, and partners, pitching in ideas and dollars to bring COH slowly to life. What’s worth building now and what can wait? Is it worth the bill to put in hiking paths? How about an outdoor water feature such as a pond or natural pool? Is the kitchen needing some remodeling? Just how many showers are necessary for the first five years of operations? The communication and ongoing discussion is a much needed thing among this expanding team. If you have the time or find yourself with a little cash on hand, consider donating to youcaring.com/campoakhallows. Every dollar counts. Even amounts as small as $5 make us smile and we are an inch closer to realization by 2025.

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