Camp Cash

In a majority of American households, money as a subject can be a tense one. Even in the households of our Headmasters, budget and spending is never far from the surface of thought. For this reason, a system of alternative currency, very much in the style of Hogwarts’s “Points” system, offers further opportunity to campers and students. No one deserves to be limited by factors beyond their control. Accessibility extends beyond disability into every facet of our lives.

All campers in all situations with all accommodations are required to participate in the maintenance of camp via “kapers,” routine chores such as keeping a tidy living space, and emptying trash bins. Additional tasks are ranked for intensity, and their completion earns the camper a wage that can be applied to commissary purchases, camp tuition, or saved for special events such as trips to movies and plays, and (we hope) places like the Renaissance Faire in Todd Mission, Texas.

Below is an example of how chores may be valued.





•shelving books

•cleaning mirrors/windows

•repair maintenance (light bulbs, clogged drains)


•weed whacking



•cleaning toilets

•cleaning kitchen


•writing study guides

•recording audiobooks



•lifeguarding and WF maintenance

•cooking and serving



•barn cleaning

•painting house


•teaching, leading


Donations of clothing accepted at 50% of retail value apply to Camp Cash

Donations of food accepted at purchase cost apply to Camp Cash

Become a Patreon and support scholarship funds for students and campers

Make a one-time donation to our program

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