Donating a Dream

Ever wanted something named after you? Camp Oak Hallows is looking for sponsors and volunteers to help realize specific goals for camp and grounds!

Our Camp and Grounds Goals

  • The Beach: Clean and expand our existing natural water feature and create an inviting beach and kayak dock
  • The Cabins: Pour concrete and help assemble cabin housing
  • The Trails: Map, sketch, and clear paths through wooded areas
  • The Fire Circle: Plan and contruct an ampitheater-style gathering place for campfire and group fun

How to become a sponsor: donate to and note that your donation is for a specific cause (and which one!) to be recognized by sign, plaque, or engraved stone in the area of your choice. Or become a Patreon and contribute small amounts over time and see our goals grow!

Boy and Girl Scouts, NHS members, church and youth groups, anyone with a heart for positive change is invited to improve our campus and earn some hours and recognition while they’re at it!

Camp Oak Hallows is only possible as a community effort and our community is the world. Together, we can create a magical place of learning and belonging. 

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