How to Support Camp Oak Hallows

The top question submitted to our inbox is, “If I can’t make a donation [right now/ever], what can I do?”

Spread the word! If you are not in a position to offer money to COH, use your voice. Make a post on social media. Share some of our infographics. Tell your friends about this cool thing [you] saw on Instagram…. and make yourself informed on issues relating to the diverse youth community that we serve.

People to reach out to:

  • Managers or directors of your local youth shelters (who would then be able to become members of our Non Profit org or become sponsors.)
  • Your church’s youth charity organization group (of any faith! We want to set up partnerships with a variety of religious orgs to best serve our kids.)
  • Local Goodwill/Resale/Thrift you love (that would then become members or our Non Profit org or become sponsors and donors.)
  • Small businesses (that would benefit from COH’s attention as a place we go to stock up on camp supplies for reasonable rates.)

More ways to support COH without making a money donation

  • Make a purchase from our Zazzle stores (WorldWinds Design, Camp Oak Hallows) to wear with pride!
  • Collect textbooks, novels, sheet music, and other print materials in decent condition to donate when first term approaches in Autumn 2025.
  • If you own a small business that makes organic, allergen-conscious, vegan, fair-trade, or locally-sourced products of any kind, contact us about becoming members of our Non Profit org or partners that we source our supplies from. Email:
  • If you represent a charitable organization serving youth in the United States and would like to become members of our Non Profit or cobeneficial partners of our school, contact us. Email:
  • Create original art about a youth group that COH serves (POC, LGBT, Disabled, chronically ill, advanced, accelerated, homeless, IDEA beneficiaries), post it to social media and tagus and send it to

Thank you for your ongoing kindness.

We can’t wait!

If you can make a donation, consider becoming a Patreon, and supporting the healthy future of the world.

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