Classes Like None Other

COH’s disconnection from the American Public Education System allows us to offer a much more elaborate curriculum independent of the APES restrictions or requirements (which are loose at best, failing as they are.)

Here’s a (frequently updated) list of courses we’re excited to offer optional to students and their families.

  • Beyond Home Economics Students are educated on practical life skills such as car care, cooking, sewing and stitching, money management and budgeting, how to schedule and organize time, garden, and more.
  • Comprehensive Sex Ed It’s not just cisgender straight kids who need an understanding of anatomy and physiology. We are not teaching how to have sex or encouraging sex. Topics covered in Sex Ed include: puberty and how it affects the trans and intersex population, the different dangers that gay people may face, abusive relationships, mental health, physical health, history of sociology in relationships, and an open question forum.
  • Religion Study Faith orgs are invited to lead voluntary small group seminar for students interested in learning more about various followings.
  • Art Experience From candle making to crocheting, we’re covering fun crafts that go missed in PS.
  • Stargazing Our ‘remote’ Texas location reduces light pollution and opens up the sky for viewing and space exploration.

Comment suggested courses or email us if you are interested in providing a donation or sponsorship of a course (ex: if your charitable org would like to fund a program for us to offer.)

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