Camp Life: How It Works

Camp Oak Hallows offers residential (live on-campus) sessions year-round, one week at a time (Sunday-Saturday.) This type of scheduling allows for flexible home:school balance and optimal customization for each individual student. Families can make vacation plans for the dates they want, and religious observances are never overridden by school obligation. Taking an extra couple days off every few weeks is no hassle. And on-camp? Scheduling is even more flexible.

Every week, campers and students are advised to create a time table plan of their days. Wakeup call, shower hour, meals, clubs, classes, and break periods are just a few of the things that should be on this plan. Being responsible for their own schedule encourages independence, responsibility, awareness and time management skills. Whether it’s physics or photography, having the opportunity to design their own day is a positive difference between Camp Oak Hallows and traditional secondary school.

Let’s break it down.

  • Week-long residential sessions are sold a la carte (1 week, approximately $250)
  • You can add or subtract days, altering tuition (No Monday, $250 – $35 = $215)
  • Tuition per week is based on activities students or Campers intend to participate in
  • Camp is open year-round and not dependent on any district holiday schedule
  • Students and Campers design their own day to day plan with their team of Staff Advisors.

Our unique approach to scheduling benefits religious students whose observances usually go unnoticed by districts, students with physical and mental health concerns that struggle with rigorous lengthy school terms without breaks, students of parents who frequently travel or are deployed and would be spending days or weeks alone or caring for siblings, and anyone who thinks that public school starts too early in the day to be healthy.

This is a whole new kind of school. This is Camp Oak Hallows.

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